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Mega Fire eBooks Sale

Mega Fire eBooks Sale – Digital Digital Product Launch – kikomachado

«Who else wants a cash income on 10 Mega Fire ebooks selling full hot products

T here is without a doubt ! Acquiring the rights to sell an existing product that someone else has made is one of the quickest and easiest ways to launch an online business! It corresponds to the purchase of a franchise from an existing company and you have customers who walk in the door the same day it opens!

If you really think about it, it makes sense.

I mean, why go to the trouble of doing ALL the same? You sure want to save money by not hiring a graphic designer, you sure want to save money by not hiring an e-book writer, and make sure you want to save money by not hiring a direct sales writer. But is it really a success?

It can take days, weeks, even months before you have a polished finish and who can say that the product will be successful? Don't forget that all this time you've spent playing with Dreamweaver and Photoshop, you really could have been MARKETING your product and getting TRAFFIC and SALES now!

This is why I am steadfast and completely grateful that resale right has decided to appear, especially now during these overcrowded and crowded times when everyone wants to become the next big thing online.

It's easier than ever!

Thanks to resell rights, it is now easier than ever to start making money online. Just grab the product, add your payment link, add your name and contact information to the page, make sure you redirect to the download page after payment, and start promoting your website.

Seriously, how long will it take you to do it? 5 minutes … 10 minutes maximum? Even if you are a beginner, these tutorial tasks on YouTube!


Mega Fire Sale eBook

It's no wonder why resell rights products are so popular. But with so many resell rights available on the web, it can be difficult to distinguish between good products, poor quality, and poor quality product reliability – don't even play with an ugly stick and prefer to start from scratch because the road together!

Well luckily you are reading what I have to say here today and I'm glad you did. Because this gave me a chance to show what DECENT reseller rights products really look like and how easy it is for you because of all the essential work that has been done to get started.

So please scroll down and take a look at the new series of rights reselling products that you will get instant access to sell for a 100% profit. I will also share my personal money making ideas and how I benefit from resell rights at the bottom of the page.

10x self- profit-making products made ready to sell right now!

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There is no single formula for achieving a balanced life. It is a personal decision how your career, your partner / partner, young people, acquaintances and all are mixed in a combo. The key is to formulate solutions so original that they address the challenges of balancing the duties and joys of its many characteristics. Many people have never heard of this and have no idea how to find out where they are or how to change .

In this book, you will learn all about:

Mega fire book sale real value of $ 1000!

This is exactly what every gets
resell rights business …

tickmMinisite template : Access a minisite template made by professionals to suit your product information. Use it to gather and welcome new subscribers, convert viewers into buyers, or for one of your existing products. It is totally up to you!

tickmCompiled PDF – You have immediate access to a PDF format that you can send to your new subscriber as soon as they have confirmed their participation or the possibility of having made your access purchase. No need for a Word to PDF converter!

tickmSales page and landing page : Access an HTML page or a standard sales page control. Just add your name and auto reply button or payment code and voila!

tickmCheck page and download page – You will get access to a standard HTML page to confirm or download the page. If you're building your list, what better way to make sure it asks you to confirm your subscription and check out more products via your affiliate link ! If you're selling a report, what better way to provide good customer service, leading to a thank you page, and offering more products through your affiliate link !

tickmLegal Notices and Privacy – We carefully take every detail, including disclaimers and fine print!

tickmSEO optimized! – keywords in H1, H2, H3 and header tags, and title tags and meta commands to stop indexed downloading of your pages. We also use the latest CSS to keep your HTML code clean for it to be compiled and favored by search engines.

Here are 16 ways to start making money with this Mega Fire Sale e-book bundle right now!

Money making idea # 1: Sell, as they are quick and easy profits! – That's right – don't do anything for them. Don't change the sales page, download page, or landing page. Just exactly download, receive and sell for fast money!

Money Making Idea # 2: Sell ​​Individually for the Payout Stampede! – Set up each with your own domain or subdomain and sell individually for $ 7- $ 27 each for an army consisting of payments. You can even slip in a resell rights offer and increase one-time sales at a higher price (we'll get to that later)

Money Making Idea # 3: Add extra bonuses to each individual product to make it a no- brainer! – Why not electronic offer books and add more value to their products. You can sell at the same price or even increase for more profit!

Money Making Idea # 4: Give the PDF to Build Your List! – Very easy. Simply use the home page provided to deliver a free copy of the PDF to your site visitors in exchange for their name and email files. In this way, it's like building a solid, solid foundation for your business and opening doors to sell high-priced products further down the sales funnel.

Money Making Idea # 5: Give the PDF as a gift and add an option to tell 3 friends in exchange for another free gift! – Again, use the landing page intended to give the PDF in exchange for a name and an email, then as soon as you submit your information, it will ask you if you want to tell your friends to change another PDF too. You can use a script to tell a friend that you use ethical bribes to share your site with others using scripts like ViralFriendlyGenerator.

Money making idea # 6: turn in the PDF and add a special offer once! – Why not make a sale while giving away your PDF? Just swipe a special offer right after your visitor noted . You can offer the right to participate in signed PDF only, or you can put together a package of e- books or other home study courses and sell personal rights. We use this technique a lot in our marketing system and it works like a charm!

Money Making Idea # 7: Hand over the PDF, add an option to tell 3 friends, and insert a single offer, along with a low sale! – Better yet, why aren't all techniques applied by collecting 3 leads, getting fresh traffic, and collecting sales referrals to your offer once?

Money Making Idea # 8: Cross Sell ​​With Other Affiliate Products On Your Pages Download – If you are giving away your ebook or selling with resell rights, you can cross- sell other related affiliate products on your page download. For example, if you only sold a guide on ‘blogging for beginners', you can add a link to your download page, recommended blogging training video series!

Money Making Idea # 9: Cross Selling Your Own Products On Your Download Pages – If you already have your own product and need more leads for your site, why not use the download page as a promotional tool to redirect the traffic to your top product? Ticket? You have already started the transaction, giving something free, and the visitors have already accepted the transaction by downloading their gift!

Money Making Idea # 10: Pack 2 or 3 or More Items Together to Create Unique Offers – Why not divide the eBooks on this page and group them into themes to create your own bundles. That way, you can add more value than just selling one of your email books.

Idea to make money n. 11: 10-20 with a time limit to start your own package sale. – Pack of 10 or more e- books with or without resell rights and have your own wild sale! Even if you sell all ebooks for as little as $ 27, you can quickly conjure up $ 2700 + with just 100 sales!

Money Making Idea # 12: Hire a voiceover artist to read the PDF out loud and have an MP3 audio file to add value to your offerings. You can even release some MP3 audio as a «filter» in exchange for a subscription or to improve conversions on your sales page! A voice on your sales page adds a new level of professionalism and builds even more trust with your visitors!

Money Making Idea # 13: Use MP3 Podcast Directories and Submit as Free Content. Send your voiceover artist to mention their websites URL for free traffic.

Money Making Idea # 14: Hire a voice-over artist to read PDF out loud and show a PowerPoint presentation while on video instantly. It added ten times more perceived value to the product and stood out from the crowd! Go one step further and watermark the bottom of the video with your URL and provide a free ‘filtered video' on YouTube for instant traffic!

Money Making Idea # 15: Create Your Own Electronic Book Store! – Simply copy and paste the sales copy into your email template library along with the eCovers image and you have a new product to sell. We plan to launch similar products in the future, so you will have a full warehouse ready to collect payments every day.

Money Making Idea # 16: Start Your Own Membership With Resell Rights! – Because you are licensed to sell e-books individually with or without basic resell rights / MRR, along with mini-sites that can benefit by offering new content for their own members ! You don't have to create your own content and do things out of thin air, because everything happens once a month!

There are so many ways to make money with these products that you see here in front of you that it will you take all day to explore all the possibilities! Even the ones mentioned here can still dig deep!

You really can't lose! Thanks to resale rights, it is now easier than ever to start making money online – all you need to do is choose a technique and work with it!

«How much is all this
worth to you?»

Ok, forget about everything you've read so far … Honestly, I don't find anything else on this page … stop asking the price … if ‘this is true' … everything …

Just ask yourself a question …

What if you could earn an additional $ 100 per day … what would you do?

What if you get the worst results from anyone who bought this product and just made an extra $ 50 a week?

Would it be worth it to spend an extra $ 200 on a one-time investment and see your income increase one month?

«Double your investment or
not pay!»

Look, we are so confident in the power of this system that we are willing to invest all the risk …

We understand that you may have been burned more than a few times before spending money on useless products …

That is why we try to stop driving all the risks of this free system. Scroll down, click the buy button, download your resell rights business and for whatever reason, if you think it wasn't worth the price paid … Just send an email and no license: questions, immediate refund …

Sound fair enough?

What will you lose? Nothing…

After all, when there is such great potential with the master to resell the right products, you don't want to start the right way and keep using it to grow your business !?

You do not have to wait. You can have these much sought in your hands after PLR products immediately after your purchase, so you don't have to wait until I wake up or even if I'm sleeping, you can still download them instantly.

*** hurry up don't miss it ! ***

NOTE: This page will automatically turn off when the timer reaches zero.
Act now for your wedding! We reserve the right to remove this offer without prior notice.


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Mega Fire ebook



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