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Grab Your Affiliate Link

Simply replace PAYPAL@EMAIL.COM with your PayPal email address at the end of the link below and click the submit button. This will embed your affiliate link into the copy and paste resources below!

Don't have a PayPal account? Here's what you need to do...

Step 1 - Sign up for a PayPal account

If you haven't already done so, get yourself a PayPal account now! It's completely free and once you've done it you can start collecting payments from day 1!

Step 2 - Enable Auto-Return in your PayPal account

The auto-return function in your PayPal account redirects your customer to the thank you page immediately after completing a purchase with you. We recommend that you enable this feature to ensure that your customers are taken to the thank you page to continue spending money with you, rather than closing the window.

To turn on auto-return...

Step 1 - Log into your PayPal account and click Profile.

Step 2 - Click the Website Payment Preferences link under Selling Preferences or go directly to this link once logged into your account: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/customerprofileweb?cmd=_profile-website-payments

Step 3 - Then locate 'Website preferences - Bring customers back to my website after they pay with PayPal' and click Update

Step 4 - Locate the Auto Return circle buttons and set Auto Return to 'On'.

Step 5 - Then enter a Return URL such as your main website or blog for PayPal's benefit. The URL you enter here does not affect the sales process. Your payment buttons will be set up to direct your customers to the corrent thank you page.

Step 6 - Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save. This setting will now redirect your customers to the download page automatically after they've purchased from you.


Step 3 - Get your affiliate link

Your affiliate link will be the URL of this website followed by '?e=' and your PayPal email. Like this...


You can test your link now by clicking it. It will open up a new window and you'll be able to see how your link is masked in the address bar. When you scroll to the bottom of the page you'll see your email ID so you know that it's working.

Step 4 - Promote your link

Now it's time to make money and promote your money link! Make use of all our resources to spread your links far and wide across the web!

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